Holladay Cottonwood Mortuary

Holladay Cottonwood Memorial Mortuary

As part of the historic Holladay area, Cottonwood Mortuary is committed to preserving and celebrating the memories of the families we assist and also the memories of our community as well.  Our entryway is dedicated to telling the story of the Holladay area with framed historic photographs and a memorial containing the photographs of WWII veterans from the Holladay community.  Throughout the building, paintings by local artists adorn the walls and depict the life story of the Holladay area.

Cottonwood’s beautiful chapel is beautifully accented by the stained-glass window depicting Mt. Olympus, and it provides a memorable backdrop for speakers.  With a small and large viewing room, both providing an intimate and warm atmosphere, Cottonwood can accommodate any size of viewing and service.

Holladay Cottonwood Mortuary
4670 South Highland Drive
Salt Lake City, Utah 84117
Phone: (801) 278-2801
Fax: (801) 278-4190


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