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The globe lights you have put up at Memorial Mountain View Mortuary, Cemetery and Pet Garden are absolutely wonderful. You have transformed what can be a very solemn and lonely place during the Holidays into a delight for all. I know those in Spirit form are enjoying the show as well and are happy to be included! Thank you.
Christine about Memorial Mountain View Mortuary and Cemetery

My brothers is buried here. The grounds are quiet, nearly kept, and serene.
Nicki Burns Stoker about Memorial Lake Hills Mortuary and Cemetery

Excellent place to be buried
Denny Carty about Memorial Lakeview Mortuary and Cemetery

I like it. This page reminds me of how involved Memorial is in Supporting Murray city and all who use Memorials facilities.
Arnold Hansen about Memorial Murray Mortuary

A place of peace in the middle of a bustling city
Tim Cannon about Memorial Redwood Mortuary and Cemetery

The best cemetery in the whole state
Denny Carty about Memorial Redwood Mortuary and Cemetery

Free hot dogs and cookies on Memorial Day. Sweet bagpipes too. David Brinton is buried here.
David Van Leeuwen about Memorial Holladay Cemetery

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