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Why choose Memorial?

Planning memorial services for a loved one can be overwhelming, but Memorial Mortuaries and Cemeteries simplifies the process and offers many additional benefits to ease you through that time. We believe the best care comes from listening. This starts with our pre-planning program before a death occurs and continues after services are over with our After Care Program to help with the healing process.

Top Ten Reasons to choose Memorial Mortuaries and Cemeteries

1.Basic philosophy of the organization.

At Memorial we believe that we are NOT just in the funeral and cremation service business. We believe that our core activity is to help you honor, remember, and celebrate the life of your loved one in the way that you find most appropriate. As such, we are well equipped to provide you with a traditional funeral or cremation service, a dignified religious service, or a personally crafted remembrance event. No matter what the choice is, our staff will help your family and friends experience an end of life ritual that will assist the process of grief healing. Our job is to help you with the loss of not having your loved one with you by handling all the necessary all the necessary details that accompany the passing away of a loved one, helping to preserve the memories of your loved one, and helping you understand that the grieving process is completely natural.

2.Nationally ranked among the top 2% of mortuaries and cemeteries.

Memorial has been recognized through national associations as being leaders in our profession. As recipients of the coveted “Pursuit of Excellence” award from the National Funeral Directors Association, Memorial is honored to be the only firm so recognized in the Salt Lake region. This award is presented to only the top 2% of firms nationwide.

3.Professionally trained and recognized staff.

Memorial has the highest percentage nationwide of its associates who have been nationally recognized as leaders of their profession. This includes CFSP and CPC from the National Funeral Directors Association, CCO from the Cremation Association of North America. Many of our associates also actively participate in the various professional associations on a local and national level to improve the standard of care for all. As such, the International Cemetery, Crematory, and Funeral Association has requested the professionals from Memorial to present at its annual conventions to help others achieve our high standards.

4. Dignity of the deceased.

The mortal remains of your loved one are precious to both you and us at Memorial. Regardless of the type of funeral arrangement that you may ultimately choose, we treat with great dignity and respect each person that we bring into our care. Because we at Memorial exceed professional standards, be assured that when your loved one is at a Memorial Mortuary they will be properly identified, transported with care, bathed (including hair and fingernails), and have their features set. At Memorial’s Cemeteries, your loved one is constantly attended until the entombment or internment is complete. At Memorial Crematory, we painstakingly assure the proper identification and dignified service for your loved one. As a veteran, they will not only receive the honors due from a grateful nation, but Memorial will present our own personal recognition. When you choose Memorial, you and your family can have the peace of mind knowing that your loved one is safe, secure, and well taken care of.

5. Preserving your memories.

At Memorial we believe that though you may have lost your loved one to death, you should not lose the unique memories of their life. As such we provide you with many options to capture those memories, including photo and video tributes, audio recordings, personalized books written by the family and friends about your loved one, as well as many other numerous unique mementos. This may include a complementary photo tribute, a complementary video tribute, audio recording, and personalized books written by the family and friends about them, as well as many other numerous unique mementos. At a Memorial cemetery, you may choose a resting place that best reflects their life, whether it be a traditional burial location, a unique cremation niche, a personalized mausoleum, or an earth friendly “green burial”. At a Memorial cemetery, a “Lasting Memories” memorial marker will allow you to capture the important points of their life by preserving up to 12 photo images cast into the eternal metal of solid bronze. Only at Memorial can you find all these options.

6. Comfort of your friends and family.

The associates at Memorial have taken great care and pride in providing for your comfort during an emotional time. At any of our mortuaries or funeral homes you will find the atmosphere bright and open. Many of our chapels can accommodate either a traditional seating arrangement, or something more unique that meets your needs. We realize that many who come to pay their respects are older. As such, you will find our furniture a little higher, our print a bit bigger, and always a friendly “golf” cart to help you in the cemetery. During an arrangement conference, parking should not be a concern, so we reserve a personalized parking space for you and family. Only at a Memorial cemetery will you find the added extra touches of cooling complementary bottled water in the summer, a warm tent heater and blankets in the winter, lots of umbrellas in the rain, and always a sound system so all can hear. Catering, valet parking, extended service times, transportation assistance, and many other options are all available through a Memorial mortuary, funeral home, or cemetery.

7. Convenient full-service locations.

All Memorial mortuaries, funeral homes, and cemeteries have been centrally situated in the communities they serve. Located just off the main roadways, they are always easy to find for your family and friends. Many locations have the funeral home located in or near the cemetery. This provides not only the convenience of “one stop shopping” during a funeral arrangement, but allows the comfort and safety to your friends and family’s ability to walk from the chapel to the burial or memorialization site of your loved one.

8. Ongoing “after the service is over” care.

At Memorial we believe that the purpose of a funeral service, be it traditional, religious, or contemporary, is to assist you through the grieving process. We recognize that for many the hardest time is in weeks or months after the funeral is over. The purpose of Memorials “after care” program is to help during this trying time. Many folks, both family and friends, find it comforting to talk personally with the Grief Counselor on our staff. Others feel that the group discussion with others who have experienced the same loss is very helpful. These groups are organized and led by our Grief Counselor. Memorial provides web site links to helpful associations as well as a free lending library of books about the grief process. The community has recognized the need for this service and it is not unusual for other professionals to refer their clients to Memorial for ongoing grief help.

9. Pre death consultation to take away the worry.

When a death occurs, the shock of the loss often causes confusion to those who now must arrange and pay for a funeral service. We believe that the best time to make these important decisions is prior to death. By meeting with a Memorial associate and then pre-planning both the mortuary and cemetery needs, a family takes away the worry of making the right decisions and how to pay for them. This gives you the time and ability to begin the healing process prior to the funeral knowing all has been taken care off. At Memorial we can provide you with the information about funeral and cemetery options to allow you to select the type of service that you desire. Once a family makes their choices, Memorial provides several different pre-payment options that will then fund the service selected. This removes the financial worry when a death occurs. By doing so, Memorial saves the family money by securing families cost. This allows you freedom and time to reflect and honor the life lived and not to worry about money or selecting service options. These pre-arrangements can be made either at a Memorial location or the comfort of your home.

10. Community involvement.

We at Memorial believe that it is important to give support to our local communities. This has as many different facets as there are people involved. Some of our associates volunteer to go into high schools that are at high risk for gang activity to educate the students about the reality of violence and death. Others have arranged walking clubs to improve their members and communities health. Yearly Memorial associates organize and a Sub for Santa event that provides Christmas for the residences at care center for the destitute and mentally challenged. Through the year we sponsor food drives for local food banks. All these activities are just one way of us saying thank you to the people we have the privilege to serve.

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