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Do funerals help grief?

December 27, 2017

Written by Memorial Mortuaries & Cemeteries in-house grief counselor, Amanda Nelsen: When someone we love dies, we often have to start making a lot of decisions – one of the first decisions is what to do about a funeral. Funerals have been around since the dawn of time.  More recently, people prefer to call a funeral a Celebration of ...

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Fives Ways to Help a Grieving Person During the Holidays

November 2, 2017

Written by Memorial Mortuaries & Cemeteries in-house grief counselor, Amanda Nelsen: Holidays tend to be an exciting and fun time of year. We have lots of gatherings, gift giving, and general warm feelings. But when you are grieving, the holidays can bring up a whole new element to your grief. If you love someone who is grieving this ...

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How do I talk to a child about a death?

September 25, 2017

Talking to a child about death can be very uncomfortable for many of us. We aren’t sure what words to use, and we certainly don’t want to do it the “wrong way” and create problems for the child. Below are some ideas that might guide you in telling a child that someone they loved has died: Use concrete language. Depending on the ...

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5 Things I Didn’t Know About Grief

June 16, 2017

Before I became a therapist, I didn’t think that much about grief. I knew it was something we all go through at some point, and I knew it could be very hard for people. Over the years I have gained a great deal of insight into grief and so I thought I’d write about five tenets of grief that I didn’t know before. 1.  Grief is physical. A ...

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The Grief Bucket

April 17, 2017

Written by Memorial Mortuaries & Cemeteries in-house grief counselor, Amanda Nelsen: Why is grief so hard to handle? It is a fact of life that we all will die. We go into a marriage knowing that there is about a 50/50 chance that your spouse will die before you. We know there are frequent tragedies where parents outlive their children. We ...

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Prolonged Grief

February 23, 2017

Written by Memorial Mortuaries & Cemeteries in-house grief counselor, Amanda Nelsen: Grief is involuntary. It’s not something we choose to have and it’s not something we have much control over. When someone dear to us dies, we are entered into a new grief world. Sometime that world is troubling and overwhelming.   The mental ...

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How to Write an Obituary

October 31, 2016

Why was this never covered in English class? When the time comes to write an obituary, it’s best to follow a fairly structured formula to make the exercise easier on yourself. Before you begin, assume an attitude of acknowledgement and consider what was most important to your loved one. Your writing should be an expression of care and ...

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Taking Photos of a Funeral

October 3, 2016

Can I take pictures of the guests during a funeral? Is it allowed to take a picture of the casket? What if it’s an open casket? Would taking photos of a burial service be inappropriate? These are all valid questions that may go through your mind if you are attending a funeral in the near future. Let’s talk about photographic ethics. If you ...

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Wearing Black to a Funeral

September 1, 2016

Why do people wear black to funerals? Is it expected? What if I don’t want people wearing black to my funeral? These and many others questions may be plaguing you as you build your pre-need funeral plans or plan for a loved one who has recently passed. To answer some of these questions, let’s look at the history of the tradition and how it has ...

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The young man sits one on a bench against green trees

A New Way of Living

August 17, 2016

Written by Memorial Mortuary & Cemeteries in-house grief counselor, Amanda Nelsen:   The other day I came across a poem that really spoke to me about grief. I want to share it with you all because I think it encapsulates the experience of grief so well.   I had my own notion of grief. I thought it was the sad ...

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