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Green Burial Services

We have dedicated a special section of Memorial Lake View Mortuary and Cemetery as a Green Burial Ground. This section of the cemetery will remain in its natural state and meets the guidelines for Green Burial set by the Green Burial Council. Memorial Lake View Mortuary and Cemetery is located along the foothills of Bountiful, Utah.


What is Green Burial?

We at Memorial Mortuaries and Cemeteries understand the importance of preserving the environment. With that attitude in mind and under the auspices of the Green Burial Council, we offer Green Burials to families throughout Utah. Our Green Burials focus on leaving nature untouched with little evidence of man’s signature, using non-toxic chemicals during the body preparation process. Our Green Burial containers are environmentally friendly, using only natural materials that will protect the environment. Burial spaces are dug by hand without any machinery. Finally, our Green Burial resting places are in harmony with the native landscape. You or a loved one will be buried in nature surrounded by sagebrush, wildflowers, and wildlife.

Our Services

We provide everything necessary for a Green Burial.  Our services include the care, preparation, and transportation of the deceased, supervision of the burial and the filing of all necessary documentation, permits, and certificates. You may choose from a variety of biodegradable green burial containers. These eco-friendly containers are constructed of bamboo, willow and other natural materials that are chemical-free and contain no metal or artificial mechanisms. We use alternative forms of body preparation that does away with formaldehyde-based chemicals. Private family visitations, church funerals, and graveside services are options that can be arranged within the limited period a Green Burial allows.

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