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William Hansen Dursteler

William Hansen Dursteler was a loving husband, father, grandfather, and friend who passed away peacefully at home November 11, 2017, from complications associated with cancer. He was preceded in death by his parents William and Donna Dursteler. Will was a man who loved his Savior Jesus Christ and modeled his life after the Savior loving and serving others. He served 2 years in the Northern States Mission and was honored to serve as the assistant to the mission president. Will graduated from BYU with his Bachelors of Science degree and continued his path of learning earning a Master’s degree in business management from Webster’s College of St. Louis, Missouri. He spent 10 years in the Air Force and flew T-37’s. He was proud to serve his country as a First Lieutenant and base supply officer. Will met the love of his life Helena Marie Ray while he was life guarding at BYU. They were sealed in the Logan Temple and celebrated 45 amazing years together. Will was an incredible father to his 8 children including Becky, Julie, Wyatt, Tricia, Drake, Kristie, Joey, and Sam; and was a beloved grandfather to his eighteen grandchildren.


Dad was “A Man of Faith and Family!” Dad’s faith grew from his love of reading and studying. He was an avid reader. Scripture reading was a daily routine and he enjoyed reading many church publications. It was so important for Dad to share his knowledge and testimony with others. He loved sharing his love for the gospel with his family.


Dad devoted his whole life to his family and to serving others in the church and temple. He served close to 15 years in the Salt Lake Temple and Jordan River Temple. Dad went out of his way to serve in even the smallest ways: like calling to check on you, holding open a door, walking you out, giving money to the man on the street corner, saying hello with that big, toothy grin; or cracking a joke & getting you to laugh on a bad day. Dad could make light of any situation and brought out the best in people.


Dad loved spending time with his family. He especially loved camping and fishing. We shared so many fun memories like going to the drive inn on weekends and listening to dad read us scary stories by the campfire. Dad had a serious sense of style with his pinstriped suit, Oxford shoes, and fedora hat. He loved to collect watches & shoes. Dad loved animals and filled his home with many different animal figures all of which had a name. Dad’s weaknesses were his coke a cola, circus peanuts, and candy corns which were always well stocked for the grandkids to sneak into.


Dad was a man who was loved by all who knew him. He was a kind and gracious man that made you feel important. He was very loving, compassionate, and caring. He was a great father, friend, teacher, listener & was always there when you needed him. Dad was our biggest cheerleader in life. He never missed any of his kids dance performances, sporting events, graduations or other important times & his support continued on with his grandkids. Dad meant everything to us and he will be greatly missed.


A viewing will be held Friday November 17, 2017 at the Memorial Holladay~Cottonwood Mortuary 4670 South Highland Dr. from 6-8pm and Saturday, November 18 from 9am-10am at the Stansbury Park Ward Stake Center at 240 Interlochen Lane, Stansbury, UT. The Funeral Services will follow and be held from 10:30-12:00pm at the Stansbury Park Ward Stake Center. Graveside Services will be held at the Holladay Memorial Park Cemetery from 1-2pm at 4900 South Memory Lane in Holladay, UT.

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Tribute Wall for William Hansen Dursteler

  1. Charlie Brown says:

    “Willie” (as I called him), loved life and was a true disciple of our Savior Jesus Christ.
    As College roommates (Ricks & BYU) – we were inseparable: sporting events, weight lifting, fishing, hiking, Risk”game nights”, canoe trips, VW & Mustang cars, movies, dating and marrying college roommates and so much more!
    Willie expressed a strong testimony of the Gospel. We enjoyed serving together, attending devotionals, general conferences and praying together. Willie radiated joy and happiness with his genuine smile and laughter.
    I loved Willie as a Brother. However, he would express that thought to Me, more often. Life is eternal and I believe we will all be reunited one day as families.

  2. Garfield Cook says:

    It was a pleasure working with Brother Dursteler at the temple. We had many wonderful talks together. He loved the gospel and was a dedicated servant of the Lord. I believe I was the last one to work with him on the Thursday morning shift. It was the first Thursday in October. We did a part together on the 8:00 am session.. He did a marvelous job. No one would have known what was going on inside him physically. He was greatly respected. Love and best wishes to his family as this tender time. Garfield Cook

  3. Robyn Crane says:

    My parents, Darrell & Vernl Crane, lived next to the Durstelers on King Street for many years, giving me the opportunity to get to know the family. There was such great love and laughter in that house. Mr Dursteler was always nice and friendly, sharing his family with us. Our hearts go out to Helena and their wonderful children and grandchildren. I’m sure Mom & Dad have welcomed William into Heaven and are showing him around. Love to you all.

  4. Tricia Starks says:

    Thank you for the kind words you have all shared. Our family was so grateful for all the love and support we received during this difficult time. I had no idea of all the friends my father had and especially all the friends he had at the temple. It was so amazing for me to meet many of you and to hear of your memories of such a beloved man. My father will be forever missed by our family, but his legacy will go on forever! I know that he will always be a part of our lives in ways now that we don’t quite understand. Family meant everything to my dad and my dad was everything to us. We all will cherish the day we can be reunited together again some day. Please keep his memory alive and continue to share your memories.

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