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Brayden Cassidy Eaton

In Remembrance Of

Brayden Cassidy Eaton

January 23, 2001 to April 7, 2018

On Saturday, April 7, 2018, Brayden Cassidy Eaton and her boyfriend, Carson Glen Koch, were traveling between Mesquite, Nevada, and St. George, Utah, when they veered off the road and rolled, instantly killing both of them. Carson and Brayden were sweethearts who had been dating for the past sixteen months.

Brayden was a Junior at Hillcrest High School and had many friends who loved her. She was a committed student and worked full time at Buffalo Wild Wings in Midvale.

Brayden’s mom, Kathleen Campbell, passed away of liver failure just 1.5 weeks before Brayden’s passing.  Kathleen loved her daughters and will welcome Brayden will love and perfect compassion in heaven.

Brayden was ambitious and extremely hard-working. Nothing kept her down.  She rose above every difficult challenge that she ever faced. Her career goal was to be a psychologist.  She had been through a lot in her young life and wanted to help others deal with their struggles and tragedies.

Brayden loved to draw and write, she was super talented and passionate about it.  She loved mountain hikes and adventures into abandoned places.  She was an amazing singer even though she didn’t like showing off her voice to everyone.  She was super funny and made the stupidest jokes and the funniest accents. She also loved animals so much. She had 3 dogs and loved every dog she met.  She enjoyed soccer and participated in pageants when she was a toddler.


This is a tribute poem that her Grandmother Karen wrote:

On Jan. 23, 2001 a cold wintery day, a little angel was born, her name was Bray

She was cute as a button as she well knew and she found, she had her parents wrapped about her little finger yes, all around

As time went on she got a little sister to take under her wing, which she did with care and at times would for her sing

She started school and really did exceptionally well, but at one time while playing hard, she fell

Broke her arm and had to rush her to the hospital but oh well

It never seemed to phase her and it healed just fine, yes, we all loved her, this special granddaughter of mine

Brayden grew up into a wonderful young woman, would do anything for anyone, especially her mom

She had such a sweet spirit for the lucky ones that know, like her family and friends, she had so many good seeds to sow

She was a huge help to her sister, mom and mamaw and even if I think hard, not really a single flaw

Then she met Carson and her life was now full, she loved him with all of her heart and yes, he was really cool

They made a great couple, this young woman and man,of course ups and downs as in any relationship it can

Then on March 27th something happened, so sad, she lost her best friend, her mom and she felt oh so bad

That’s why I let her go on this trip to help ease the hurt, have fun, be a young woman in love, not have to run

From the hurt that I knew she was still feeling and ravaging her body to set it reeling

Brayden, Brayden, oh how we love you, we will miss you so bad our feelings so true

Have you met up with your Mom and Carson there? With your sweet face and your hair so fair

You three together, watch over us who are on the other side so that we all can have a reunion when God changes the tide

And we meet up again at some point as it says in His Will and we hug each other and happiness our hearts will fill

Goodbye, we will love you always

A dual funeral will be held this Saturday, April 14, 2018, at the LDS stake center located at 8485 South 1000 East in Sandy, Utah. There will be a viewing from 10:00 to 11:30 A.M. with the funeral at 12:00 P.M.

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Tribute Wall for Brayden Eaton

  1. Cristina James says:

    Brayden I love you so much and u will be greatly missed.

  2. Mrs. Edmonds says:

    Brayden was a student in our English 11 class. She was quiet and private, but she cared about her grades and worked hard in class. Her determination to succeed in spite of the challenge of her mother’s illness was so admirable. I hope her family and friends find comfort.

  3. Mark Brown says:

    That is a beautiful poem. I am lucky enough to have been a part of Brayden’s life, Brayden’s mom Kathleen and of course Cadence and Kathleen’s mom Karen. Brayden was so special. Just a beautiful girl and a wonderful personality. I know her and her mom are together now watching over Cadence and Karen. I will miss them.

  4. Roberta Eaton says:

    God has three new angels in heaven! Kathleen, Braydon, and Carson. Kathleen was a beautiful soul and I love her very much. Lady, you have earned those angel wings so finally you are free. Braydon, I only knew you for a short time when you were just a baby but I love you. Soar free with your mother! Carson, I never met you but from what I hear, you must have a fine young man.

  5. Melissa says:

    I don’t know you or your family, but I have heard about your sweet granddaughter and sister and her boyfriend. Nothing can prepare you for such an unexpected loss, especially after the loss of her mother less than two weeks earlier.

    My brother passed 7 1/2 years ago, leaving his wife and five daughters. This was the most tragic experience of my existence. He was my big brother, my anchor, my friend. His wife unexpectedly past away last month leaving their oldest (23) to care for the youngest two (14 & 16 and also 19 year old twins). As a parent, I can not understand the loss of a child or grandchild, but I do understand the loss of a sibling and my sister-in-law who was my sister.

    There are no words of comfort I can share, but I am praying for you and your family. Loss is difficult, but you get through it. The first year is the hardest, but there is a light at the end of the dark tunnel. I know that God loves you all and there are divine purposes for life even if we don’t understand them. I know God is always with you.

    Again, you are in my thoughts and prayers. I am also sending love. God Be With You ALWAYS!!!

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