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Renon Klossner Hulet

On July 4, 2016, Renon Klossner Hulet died from pancreatic cancer. She passed away at home, with family by her side.
In her too short 66 years of life Renon lived more than most. She was a true creative with the ability to make something from nothing, and make it beautiful. As a painter she filled hundreds of canvases with images of landscapes, objects, and the people she loved. As an art teacher she inspired students young and old (including her elderly mother) to express themselves in colors and lines. As a writer she produced books, articles, and scripts. As a mother, wife, sister, friend, and devoted daughter, Ree was our light and our anchor. She healed the crestfallen with her legendary head pets, welcomed all into her home, made delicious meals from seemingly empty cupboards, and took the incessant teasing from her children like a champ. As a devoted member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, she served a mission as a young woman in Colombia and Venezuela and later with her husband in Salt Lake City and on Temple Square. She taught countless lessons and otherwise served the Lord she loved in every aspect of her life. Ree never shied away from an adventure, whether skiing black diamonds, paragliding in the Swiss Alps, or road tripping across the country with a friend, 10 kids, and no A/C. Ree delighted in hyperbole; thus no experience was trivial. She was the eternal optimist and had a keen ability to both recognize and create beauty in absolutely everything.
Renon was preceded in death and no doubt welcomed home to the loving arms of her father Ernest Klossner, mother Arda Klossner, and mother-in-law Norma Hulet. She is survived by and will be terribly missed by her husband Craig Hulet, children Cody (Marti) Hulet, Carri Hulet (Justin Larson), Robb (Mychel) Hulet, Julie (Greg) Keller, Geoffrey Hulet (Erin Ferris), 13 adoring grandchildren, brothers John (Wendy) Klossner and Hans (Sophie) KIossner, and her father-in-law, Carlyle Hulet. Renon will be dearly missed by many who called her friend and loved her like family.
Funeral services will be held at 11 a.m. on Thursday, July 7 at the 10th Ward, 420 South 800 East. A visitation will be held from 6-8 p.m. on Wednesday, July 6 at the church, and from 9:30 to 10:30 prior to the services. Interment will be at the Memorial Mountain View Cemetery. Please take a moment to share a memory of Renon at

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Tribute Wall for Renon Klossner Hulet

  1. John Klossner says:

    Our dear sister, you have left your brothers and family far too early to suit any of us. Wendy and I, our hearts are heavy, and sadness is profound. We will miss you on each and every day.

  2. Alison Klossner says:

    Dear Aunt Renon, I am grateful I got to spend some time with you last month. I have fond memories of spending time at your house with you and my cousins growing up and always appreciated the warm attention and love you gave to everyone around you. Your art hangs proudly in my home and I am so grateful to have it to remind me of your kindness, optimism and love.

  3. Hans Klossner says:

    Renon, you filled our lives with laughter and with joy. You were the youngest and should have been with us for many more years to come. Sophie and I miss your smile and your loving personality.

  4. Sue Kear says:

    Renon, our Uncle Herb was wise enough to connect us after our years of raising children. I shall never forget our trip to Switzerland, led by you and Herb, and our involvement in the 2002 Olympics, encouraged by you and Hans and John. You made things that I considered impossible become real. You were/are an angel.

    You had all the family talent, and I love you for it anyway!!!!!!


    P.S. I sooooo remember the day you were born because Uncle Ted couldn’t figure out if Renon was a boy or a girl. I remember the discussion at our dinner table!

  5. Lee Padula says:

    Renon, you taught me that with some practice, a stick figure could become a person. Paintings you helped me create hang everywhere in my house as well as many of yours. They bring me such joy. I see you at every sunny spot with a shadow near by . Our photo trips were so fun with one of us saying,”stop the car here…I see a good shot. ” What loving friends you and Craig have been to me.

  6. Maria Allan says:

    I am so sorry to hear of Renon’s passing. She was a member of our Reading Circle for a very long time. As one of the “newer” members (of only 15 years or so), I did not know her well, but she was a beautiful person, and I loved her art! I’m sure she will be missed by all who knew her.

  7. TJ Hoisington says:

    Dear Renon, You will be missed! I’ve always loved your kindness, creativity, humility, humor;-) and drive. Thank you for the many painstaking hours you spent with me on several projects to make dreams come true. In recent years, you played a significant role in fine-tuning my latest book – “Return to Robinson Island”. You are an inspiration in many ways, and I’m grateful that you poured your heart into everything that you did. You will always be remembered as a special person and friend in my life.

  8. Keith Anderson says:

    My dearest Renon, as I recall so many years ago, you asked in the simplest and sweetest way if I would ‘wait’ for you to get old enough to be my girlfriend. You were 7 and I was 17. Sometime later, it dawned on me that you did not think of your request as being trivial, and that I should not have treated your request so offhandedly.
    Time went on, and you met Mr Hulet. He must be the epitome of what you were interested in as a mate. Obviously, you made the right choice, followed by so many others.
    I, as many others, will miss you often and think of you with love.

  9. Astrid Campbell says:

    Renon. Your open and exceptional spirit has been an inspiration to me from the moment I met you. I will never forget your love and presence. So many people will.

  10. Cathy Reeves says:

    Renon, you have touched my heart, and will remain there forever.

  11. Morgan Clayton says:

    Renon, you always nurtured my creative side and inspired me to see the light in everything. You had such a bright and lively presence that instantly filled the room. Thank you for all of your positivity and happiness which you brought into my life. You are dearly missed and loved.

  12. Susette Gertsch says:

    I remember the very moment this cute woman pulled up to talk to me at a corner in Midway, Utah. I was painting for the Plein air event that year and it turned out she too was an artist. We chatted briefly and she was so engaging and fun. After she pulled away I was left with more energy than before, smiling because of her kind and charming friendliness. Our paths crossed again many times with art and friendship. I will always treasure her goodness and especially admired the wonderful relationship she had with Craig. Bless you and thank you sweet woman… till we meet again.

  13. Susan Honey says:

    What a beautiful tribute for an extraordinary woman! Renon really did live her life with a flare uniquely her own! I remember how she and the kids miraculously survived the van crashing on the free way! God spared her to bless so many more life’s and do so much good. Renon could always be counted on, once a friend she was always a true blue friend. I will miss her lovely smile, her laugh, her love and encouragement. God bless the family of this dear woman!

  14. Sally Ann Marple says:

    Our love to all of Renon’s family. I will always hear her fun laugh and positive thoughts. We had such fun with all the beach girls. That was my introduction to you, Ree. You taught us to paint and appreciate all the beauty around us. We laughed and did all the fun girl things. You will be so missed. I admire your courage and faith during your trial, a great example to all of us.

  15. Stephanie French says:

    Renon is the best example of how to live your life without fear. I’ve always been amazed at how spontaneous and positive she is. Never shying away from an adventure or new experience. As a young girl, Renon showed me the most genuine kind of non-judmental love I’d ever known. She loved without boundaries and I will always remember how special she made me and others feel. I look forward to seeing Ree again in our eternal home.

  16. Barbara Cromar says:

    Dear Craig (and Renon) – I am full of gratitude for knowing you! I had a couple of watercolor classes from Renon years ago–these in exchange for piano lessons for Geoff! Both were delightful! But my best memory–besides of our years of monthly ladies’ luncheons–was the day Renon went fishing with me. It was just the two of us and we were in my inflatable raft in the middle of Lily Lake. I don’t remember what month it was (Sept or Oct), but we were the only ones around; and, no sooner did we get settled on the lake, than it started snowing. Yep! Snowing! And I said to Renon, “Do you want to go home?’ “No,” she said, “I came to fish!” “Okay,” I responded; and fish she did!! She started catching immediately, and there we were…two 50- or 60-year-old women, fishing in a snowstorm in the Uintas. Crazy fun. And as Renon kept catching, she continued to declare that she wasn’t interested in going home. I think she caught at least seven fish. None were biting for me; but I loved witnessing Renon’s success and enthusiasm. What a great day! Yes…I am grateful! LOVE YOU, barb

  17. Ruth Meyers says:

    So very grateful for having known you, had you never moved to Ohio that would of not been possible. You made me feel special, in the way you showed your love for me and everything else, especially in your warm hugs and always making me feel welcome in your home. Missed you so much when you moved and will always remember you and Craig, love you both so very much. Your many talents will always be remembered, especially the picture you painted of the old farm house, it will be treasured forever.

  18. Seven Nielsen says:

    Renon — Ree — You have been my best friend for many years, teaching me what the possibilities are and showing me the face of success. You are in my mind and heart before I tackle any project. You once said, “We are going to have fantastic lives!” and that phrase is a reminder that is with me always. You have helped me make that come true by being in my heart through every trial and victory I have experienced. We have been side-by-side through so many things that you are forever entwined in all of my good memories. Renon, you may have stepped across the veil, but you will always be just a thought away, my dear friend.

  19. Susie Seggar says:

    Dear Renon, Who would have thought you could spark enough artistic creativity in me so I could actually produce paintings which I now display in our home! I have such great memories of the hours spent with you helping me create perspective with paint and also in relationships.
    John and I were so pleased to be friends with you and Craig and love you both. Hours spent in your presence will long be remembered.

  20. Ken & Cindy says:

    Renon, you were a spot of sunshine whenever we were in your presence. In fact, some may have needed sunglasses because you shone so brightly! Our friendship is eternal!
    Your example of living life joyfully & lovingly was powerful to all that knew & loved you. You will live in our hearts until we meet again. All our love & prayers extend to your extraordinary family & gentle eternal companion.

  21. Al & Tammy Hamm says:

    Renon was such an amazing, talented lady, who had such a sweet spirit about her. She touched all that she came in contact with. We are honored to have one of her paintings in our home. Renon, we will think of you every time we see that painting. Al and I were blessed to have you and Craig as our friends. Craig, we love you and our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this time. Until we meet again, dear friend.

  22. Colleen Reynolds says:

    I distinctly remember the moment I met Renon. Her bright, fun eyes and smiling face brought light to the room. I am so sorry for your terrible loss. Colleen

  23. Martha Cooper says:

    Oh Renon! How we loved you in our book group! So candid! So fresh! So fun! I was shocked when I learned of your passing. What a bright spirit you have been on this earth. Now you share your joyful and exuberant self somewhere else. Condolences to Craig and family. A presence so large leaves a huge void.

  24. Kathy C. Cieslewicz says:

    Craig and family, I have been praying for all of you. What a blessing to have known Renon. What a wonderful sweet spirit to bless my life in artful ways and as a friend. I loved her smile and laughter! I love her art and wish I had some of it! I bet she has a big art project in store for her right now! The Business of Art and so many artists benefitted from her talents and Craig’s talents too. They have great memories, as well.
    My heart will be with you Craig. I feel badly that I can’t get to SLC right now, since I am on call for a new grandbaby today. Thank you for making a difference in my life and I hope to see you soon. Love, Kathy C. Cieslewicz

  25. Carolyn Campbell says:

    I still remember vividly the day I saw Renon across the room in a communications class more than 40 years ago. Her fresh outlook on life, innate happiness and spunky spontaneity were immediately apparent as she talked to a friend sitting next to her. How lucky I was to also become a friend of yours, dear Renon. I’ve loved you dearly and admired you greatly ever since we became friends in college. I always valued and appreciated your insightful vision that applied to so many aspects of life. When we were both young moms, I remember your deep love for your babies and your joy in your young children. As a fellow writer, I appreciated your astute insight into both your own work and that of others. I cherished the time when you were my editor at Salt Lake Magazine, and your vision helped me shape and refine my own stories. How I cherished a compliment from you regarding my writing, because I felt so validated by one whose vision was so precise and adept. As someone who lived in the same part of town as you did for many years, I loved the times when we shared lunch at your home and had time to talk. I remember your generosity of spirit when we discussed the painting on your wall of a man praying. I remember the last time we had lunch and you introduced me to a Greek gyro. I loved it when you called me “that little vixen” . My heart is heavy on seeing you go, but I also can’t help but contemplate the beauty of the reunion with loved ones that you are now experiencing now. Hugs and my love to you, dear friend. Godspeed and I look forward to the day when we will see each other–and hopefully write together–again.

  26. Sophie (Christoff) Rindlisbaker says:

    Renon was and always will be a bright light in my life. Love her, love to all who miss her.

  27. Dave & Kathy Jones says:

    Dave & I loved you when we first met. What a wonderful, open, friendly, loving lady you are. Our lives have been blessed by knowing you and Craig. We love the added perspective that we have gained by your example. Great souls are put in our path to enrich us all and help guide our path to a richer life. We will forever be grateful and look forward to seeing you again. Love to Craig and your wonderful family.

  28. Mary Webster-Walsh says:

    The very last thing Renon Hulet ever said to me (other than goodbye as I was leaving her home) are the same words I’ve been repeating in my head, over and over, ever since I suspected her time on earth was drawing to a close.

    “You are a beautiful mother.”

    I’ve been friends with two of Renon’s daughters, Carri and Julie, for quite a while. Phenomenal women, all. After visiting with C & J recently in their parents’ home, Renon had caught me in a moment when I was on the floor, trying to persuade my toddler to put on her shoes, it was time to go home. (Not an easy sell for any mom.) Hers was a simple, small, seemingly insignificant thing to do. She probably had no idea the impact it had on me.

    She was passing from one room into the other as she said it. She reached down and gathered my hair gently in her hands and held it back for a few seconds. And then she said, with conviction and true affection, “You are a beautiful mother.” I can’t even type the words now without weeping.

    What a loving thing to do. I wasn’t her daughter. I didn’t really know her all that well, though I wish I’d known her more. But in that moment, her hands in my hair were like a cool cloth soothing me in an otherwise flush moment of frustration. I loved her instantly for it. I was so grateful for what her gesture taught me about what it was I was really doing. Mine was the work of divine angels. She reminded me of that. I’ll never forget it.

    What a generous and wise thing to say to a young mom. What volumes it speaks of her, who she is, how she loves, how she notices, how she finds beauty and grace in such prosaic and redundant things.

    Renon, thank you. Your passing has affected me deeply, which surprises me a little, since we barely knew one another. Perhaps it’s because I hold your daughters so close in my heart, as being two people I feel metaphysically connected to, that makes your death so sad for me. Perhaps because you loved me like a daughter when my own mother is so far away. I can’t even fathom the profound impact you’ve made on your children. You changed my heart in just a few seconds. We love you. How much we will miss you.

  29. Collette Tomlinson says:

    I will miss Renon’s presence on this earth. She will forever be in my heart.

  30. Bonny Harps says:

    Renon was a wonderful influence for good here in Mortality and I am sure she will continue to do much good where she is now! She has been in my prayers all these months and now I will be remembering her wonderful family. I am so grateful to have know you.

  31. Melanie S. Lewis says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Hulet when Carri and I served in the City Year Boston AmeriCorps Program. Carri came to visit with me during holiday at my sisters house in Brooklyn. Naturally Mrs. Hulet made sure to call every now and then to make sure her daughter was ok in the big apple. I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Hulet on more than one occasion and loved her kind embrace at Carri’s wedding. I was always impressed by my friend and can tell by Mrs. Hulet’s travels that her daughter’s amazing ability to be open to life must be in part to an amazing mother. God bless her memory and all your great stories of her. You all are in my prayers.

  32. Bart and Betty Cowley says:

    Renon’s smile and laugh has been forever imprinted on the Cowley Family’s hearts as she shared wisdom and love with each visit. A light has dimmed here on earth but brightened in heaven with her entrance. May your family find peace and comfort in the days ahead with the memories she has made with each of you. We were blessed to have each of you step into our lives for the short time that has left imprints on our hearts forever.

  33. Carol Robinson Morris says:

    Renon and I were best friends from grade school until now. Even though I’m sure we sometimes took each other for granted, her exceptional qualities were never lost on me. I consider myself to be the luckiest girl in the world to have been born when I was, and to have lived around the corner from this gifted, unconditionally loving, and gal with the best sense of humor in the world!

    Because of our closeness, words fail me.

    So I’ll just say Dearest Renon: I’ll love you forever, and forever after that!

    Your “cosmic twin”,

    Carol Robinson Morris

  34. Brock Aird says:

    I only knew her for a short time but could tell she was a special lady. It was an honor to know her and be a part of your family’s life at such a vulnerable time. Thank you and I am grateful to have helped Renon the best way I knew how.

  35. Susie Hopkins says:

    Renon was the perfect example of a fun, sweet spirit who took every life moment and made it joyful. I will always treasure our beach trips and your art lessons all filled with laughter.
    Tom and I send our love and prayers to each family member,especially Craig and each of their remarkable children…she was most proud of you all. Will look forward to seeing you eternally dear friend.

  36. Donna Newbold-Shelton says:

    What a beautiful legacy she leaves for those who follow her. Such a tribute to her character, and such an example for the rest of us.

  37. Myrna McPherson says:

    Renon, my art classes with you taught me more than art, that thought me the art of living. And the value of friendship, love for each other, and grace. I will miss you, but your love for me and so many others will never fade away. I treasure it as I treasure being among your long list of friends.

  38. Paula Conway says:

    Renon helped my son learn how to express himself through art. We will be forever grateful.

  39. Dorothy Allred Solomon says:

    I first met Renon through her writing when I was the appointed judge of the Utah Arts Council Original Writing Contest. Her book, Gambina, won first prize in the biographical category that year, and I met Renon and the subject of the book, Francis, at the awards ceremony. Her writing, like her soul, was full of life and numinosity. Our connection was strong and so I was not surprised when she showed up in a transformational training I was privileged to conduct. We had many more shared moments in transformation. I was lucky to see her work as an artist, too. She lived her life so fully and radiated light and love and joy everywhere in every way, even when she had reason to be disgruntled and discouraged. I will miss her. And I will live a better life in the hope that I may see her again. My love and condolences to her beloved husband, Craig, and her children. I know you are bereft.
    Vaya con Dios, dear Renon
    Dorothy Solomon

  40. Dorothy Allred Solomon says:

    I first met Renon through her writing when I was the appointed judge of the Utah Arts Council Original Writing Contest. Her book, Gamine, won first prize in the biographical category that year, and I met Renon and the subject of the book, Francis, at the awards ceremony. Her writing, like her soul, was full of life and numinosity. Our connection was strong and so I was not surprised when she showed up in a transformational training I was privileged to conduct. We had many more shared moments in transformation. I was lucky to see her work as an artist, too. She lived her life so fully and radiated light and love and joy everywhere in every way, even when she had reason to be disgruntled and discouraged. I will miss her. And I will live a better life in the hope that I may see her again. My love and condolences to her beloved husband, Craig, and her children. I know you are bereft.
    Vaya con Dios, dear Renon
    Dorothy Solomon

  41. christine franco says:

    Renons’ life and mine have weaved in and out for the last 60 years. I will be forever grateful to her for showing me shadows, colors and shapes from a whole new perspective. You know you’re in the presence of an artist, when she makes you stop and observe the employees of the power company put in a light. She comments about the angles and shapes Who knew?. She was a true friend who I already miss. Especially my Mondays will be empty without her.

  42. Sharon and Ray Hawkins says:

    We were shocked and saddened at the passing of Renon. She was always so full of life and creativity. May the Spirit comfort you. Love Sharon and Ray Hawkins

  43. Denice Pipella Lambert says:

    We give her back to thee, dear Lord, who gavest her to us. Yet as thou did not loose her in giving we have not lost her by her returning. For what is thine is always. My prayers go to comfort her family and my memories of my dear friend are cherished all the more. God Bless

  44. Judith Nielson says:

    What can be said that could adequately express My thoughts and feelings about my friend, Renon. She is a force of light, goodness, creativity and love. She opened my eyes to see the world in a new way; shadow, shape, texture, color, relationship etc. and that was not just in art.
    She also created friendships that were meaningful and plentiful. Craig and Renon where continually welcoming guests to their home. I think Renon never met a stranger. She loved and accepted everyone.
    She was an adventurer, even with her unrelenting pain, she never missed an opportunity to go and do. She dealt with this terrible illness with dignity and without complaint. She was hopeful but accepting.
    Renon was blessed with great love demonstrated through the tender loving care she received from Craig and her children who never left her side. No doubt she is watching over them and cheering them on from heaven.
    Her memory and legacy will live on through them along with her beautiful art and writings.
    I’m grateful to have been called her friend.
    God be with us all until we meet again.

  45. Kaye H. Babcock says:

    Well, my Dear Renon, I cannot begin to express all that has been felt and so deeply appreciated, since you, your dear Mom, Arda, dear Dad, Ernie+2 fun, caring brothers, John and Hans moved here, a block away, in our early elementary school years. Your approach to life and those who are put in our paths, expanded my understanding of both, in addition to learning much from you, about ‘how to have fun.’ Thanks for your heartfelt letters as you served Heavenly Father and His wonderful people in South America. It was a joyful time as we shared in the joy of knowing you’d found your eternal sweetheart, Craig. It’s been amazing to see his endless service & compassion+your family’s overflowing love. Forever Thanks and Love Re, Kaye Horman Babcock

  46. Sylvia says:

    I loved the times Renon came to visit Carri, Julie, Christy, and me at our house on Park Avenue. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who more fully personified the word “spitfire”, in a good-hearted way! She was an extraordinary and spirited person, truly one of a kind. May you all feel comforted as you heal from this loss.

  47. Lauri Kelley says:

    Murray High had their 50th reunion this week and unfortunately Renon was one of the 40 people who had passed. It is still hard to comprehend. She was so darling inside and out and I feel her sweet spirit but miss her immensely, always will. Lauri Kelley

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