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Ted O. Sorensen

Ted died a few days ago. He had TMB (90). He was born in the Little Denmark part of Spring City, Utah. His parents were Hyrum and Emma (Osborne) Sorensen. He was preceded in death by his wife and son, parents, one brother and one sister and survived by his sister Rochelle (Pacheco).

Ted knew how fortunate he was to have a little sister. He was so very grateful for all the help Rochelle, and her husband Joe, gave him in his old age.

Ted enlisted in the army in 1945 and was sent overseas to serve in the ETO. After WWII he and Trautel (Waldtraut Knuth) were married in Berlin, Germany. They had one son, Peter, who was made in Japan. Both Trautel and Peter previously passed away.

Ted became a regular army officer and also served in Korea and Vietnam, as well as several posts in the USA. After his army retirement Ted worked for the State of Utah where he did budgeting and provided management services for the Dept. of Human Services. Ted and Trautel followed Peter to Saint George when he moved down here. They enjoyed many years with their friends in doing potlucks and other social and church activities.

Ted said that he had no claim to fame. Except, a couple years after he became legally blind, he beat his golfing buddies at Dixie Red Hills. They never lived that down. That day Ted put away his clubs and never played the dumb game again.

Ted had great respect for and envy of the true believers. Still he struggled, as many oldies do, with doubts about the hereafter. He wondered if he could be wrong and just maybe he would be with Trautel and Peter again. Ted didn’t give up hope, and finally became content to wait until now to get the answers for himself.

A memorial service will be held in Salt Lake City.

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