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Jeremy J. Layton, CFSP, CPC

From the time Jeremy was five years old he wanted to become a funeral director. Attending the funeral of his great grandmother he was introduced to the calling of funeral service. From that moment on Jeremy knew that his goal in life was to be of service to others as a dedicated funeral professional.

In 2002, Jeremy graduated from the San Francisco College of Mortuary Science in San Francisco, California. After graduation he immediately began his internship with Memorial Mortuaries.
Throughout his tenure Jeremy has accepted numerous responsibilities as a crematory operator, crematory manager, funeral services manager and recently as a location manager. His duties have included the development of customer service practices and best practices for mortuary operations.
In an effort to serve families by exceeding their expectations and having the heart of a teacher, Jeremy chose to earn his designation as a Certified Funeral Service Practitioner, CFSP. This designation requires continuous dedication and commitment to the funeral service profession. In order to maintain his credentials he must commit to completing twice as many continuing education hours as the current licensing laws require.

Jeremy has learned to help families understand the importance of making the best decisions. Unfortunately, too many families make decisions not fully understanding the unintended consequences of those decisions. His efforts have greatly helped families better understand their options, create more meaningful services and ceremonies that bring about a healthier grieving process for everyone.

Jeremy is also a Certified Pre-planning Consultant, CPC. With this designation he specializes in helping families understand the importance of planning ahead and being prepared for the eventual passing of a loved one.

Jeremy loves spending quality time with his wife Rachael and four beautiful children: Gabe, Taygen, Pacey and Emerson. Jeremy enjoys being outdoors, fishing, reading and working on various projects around the house.

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